I'm going to be sick
While I have to lick
Your ugly stinking cunt
You rotten pregnant slut
Prenatal decomposition

A putrid pungent stench
Is constant coming out
Of your slimy pussy
I puke into your womb
Prenatal decomposition

Necrotic flesh
Of dying fetus
Transforms into
Liquid and drips - out (of your womb)
Prenatal decomposed

You degenerated bloody bitch,
You have born - necrotic flesh!

Rotting embryo inside
Your disgusting carcass
Was vaginal excreted
Disgorged by your cadaver
Prenatal decomposition

Abdominal streamed out fluid
Of mutilated abortion
Tastes like a cocktail
Of shit and rancid vomit
Prenatal decomposition



We are the army of darkness
We take control of the world
Infiltrate human minds
Enslave the whole mankind

Army of darkness
We are the ones - the troops of doom
So hear our call
Follow the lords - the army of darkness
Give praise to us
Down on your knees - and kiss our feet
We are the fire
That burns your soul

Our word is your law - forget all you know
Fuck Jesus Christ - liar to everyone
The only way out - is to do what we say
To murder, slash, slaughter and destroy

So hear our calls - deep in your mind
That force you to kill - follow the command
To torture, dismember, strangle till death
This is what we want from you - to do

We are the legion of Satan
We are necrotic flesh
Dethrone the Christians god
That morbid angels rot



To gorge myself with my own faeces
Was my biggest pleasure once
But soon I realised with pain
That this is not much satisfying

I was called coprophagist
From my psychotherapist

Then I heard from encopresis
So I start to inbreed infants
Now I'm much more satisfied
I can eat my favourite dish all the time

I was called coprophagist
From my psychotherapist

To gorge myself with children's faeces
Is my biggest pleasure now
But ones I must admit with shame
That this is very much insane

I was called coprophagist
From my psychotherapist



While I'm rotting in a coffin
It's my final meal
The consumption of the vermin
That crawls under my skin

But after this delicious dinner
I'm still getting thin and thinner
So I start to eat my body
Surprisingly it makes me horny

Gastric juice on my corpse
Ulcerous pus in my holes

A ragout of my entrails
With sauce of liquid fat
Enriched with brown sausages
Escaped from my digestive tract

So recognising finally
That I'm really tasty
I get sexual excitation
Through self-digestive stimulation

Gastric juice on my corpse
Ulcerous pus in my holes

So before I melt
It is my last wish
I just want to eat
My favourite dish

It is neither shit
Nor stinking trash
It is just my own
Necrotic flesh

Gastric juice on my corpse
Ulcerous pus in my holes



Nauseating screams unheard
By milling through your bones, a human dissection
I look at your bodies starting to gush
Gore in my face, my bloodlust 's rising

Torsos lie in pools of blood
Fresh cut up wounds, refusing to clot
Portions of necrotic flesh
I like to chew your purulent stumps

Strangulate your throats with pain
By breaking up your necks, gruesome suffocation
Slicing through your eyes and ears
Dismembering your tongues, an endless excruciation

Butchered embryos at birth
Cut out of your wombs, in monstrous menstruation
Escaping excrements of fear
Mixing up with guts, an oral defecation

Suffer from a very slow amputation
Sawing limb for limb, a corporal decay
Suffer from a very slow amputation
Overpowering carnage by mass mutilation



Blood 's our lust
Your pain 's our pleasure
Stench of death
Of necrotic flesh

Rotten corpse
Erotic erection
Through necrotic attraction

Sperm and blood - fuck her fresh heart
Sperm and blood - loving dead corpse
Sperm and blood - sliced up torso
Sperm and blood - sperm and blood together - as one

Slice up the torso
Fuck her fresh heart
Of sperm and blood

Her chopped off head
Sucks my dick
The rest of the body
Is dismembered for meal

Sperm and blood together - as one



Morbid lust for sodomy
Brutally raped - bestiality
Bum-fucked to the bloody gore
Buggery with Jesus' whore

Zoological preference
Satisfied from virulence
Fucking with a beast of prey
Till your cunt starts to decay

Bullock's dick, grind down ass
Intestines fly in total mess

Demon's seed grows in your womb
He will rise from your bones tomb
Your carcass lies down ripped and torn
Satan's spawn will soon be born

The horse's cock is forced to split
Your intense bleeding, swollen clit

Fist-fucked innards splash
In pieces of necrotic flesh
Ripped out bowels gush
In fluids full of septic mush

Brain drips out - severed head
Entrails splattered - infestdead

Fucked by the beast - Satandemon
Raped by the horned - Satandemon
Licked by the goat - Satandemon
Screwed by the hellhound - Satandemon

I feel deep gratification
From your bestial devastation
Your body - crushed for gory feast
After fucking with a beast

Your body was crushed for gory feast
After bestiality with the beast




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