At Alte Mälzerei, Regensburg, D
18 Dec 04

I never made it to the first "Put Them To Death" but Iīll be sure to make this a regular occurance from now on because it was a lot of fun and I discovered a few bands who are local to this area. My nice (but too picky or else he would have stayed with me) husband dropped me off at the venue around 20:25 leaving just about 5 minutes before the first band hit the stage. When I got in there I was surprised to see how packed it was. Itīs always good, despite being a bit too crowded and tight, to see people come out and support local shows ! Granted the place is small but at least it was filled. I never give up hope that once they see there are plenty of Metallers in Regensburg, willing to go spend a few Euros to headbang that more shows will be organized here. We shall see since it already seems there are more shows than last year.

The first band onstage were NECROTIC FLESH. As you can judge by their band name and also the name of the festival for that matter, they played Death Metal in the early 90s US Death Metal style. I found out later that a band who was supposed to come from Austria called SPEARHEAD (they were listed on the flyer I picked up at the local Metal pub) had cancelled (probably due to the shit weather weīve been having) and these guys were added to the bill as a replacement. Their tempo was slow to mid paced with the traditionally used deep, growling vocals and somewhat reminded me of OBITUARY or BRUTALITY. The bassist / vocalist was wearing a BRUTALITY shirt too which was cool. I liked them a lot because that kind of Death Metal is fantastic for headbanging and itīs amazing how heavy just three guys can get ! Near the end of their set I grabbed myself a beer and went outside for fresh air since it was getting really hot in there. Wearing a leather jacket in a small, confined place can be murder ! Later on in the evening I talked with the drummer, Tobias, who informed me they didnīt have their CD with them since it wasnīt ready yet but that it is coming out soon. Iīll be sure to get a copy when itīs out. Very cool band and my favourite of the night !

The next band was NECRA which were ok but probably my least favourite band of the evening. When they were doing the soundcheck the vocalist, who had dreadlocks, was making those kind of vocals that sound like a squealing pig. I figured I probably wouldnīt like the band because of that but when they started playing their fast paced Death Metal / Grindcore style songs, sort of reminding me of NAPALM DEATH, with regular, growling but somewhat vomitous vocals, I was relieved. They had a girl in the band who played the guitar (or you know, it might have been a bass but it was tough to get a good view of her from where I was standing) which was cool. Itīs nice to see that girls can be in bands and not just to sing or play keyboards. Another thing I didnīt like about this band was that I think they were very into politics because at one point the name of George Bush was brought up which made me want to vomit since I am sick of hearing about him by now. I couldnīt hear clearly what the guy was saying about him but I can imagine it wasnīt nice. 

Following another trip outside and a few interesting conversations / happenings with other people there, I returned back inside, got myself another beer and found myself a comfortable spot to stand and watch HUMAN BLOODFEAST. They were another band following in the footsteps of the early 90s US Death Metal scene, sounding similar to bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION in particular or even some CANNIBAL CORPSE here and there. You would think I would have gotten bored by now since so far the bands have played pretty much the same style of brutally excecuted Death Metal but I really enjoy the US Death Metal and when you have some beers in you, the headbanging can be great ! I think these guys definitely need to play on a bigger stage because they looked really crowded in, considering they consisted of 5 members. I also did some research when back at the house and saw some bloody photos on their website. Too bad they didnīt get the blood out for this performance !

By the time the last band, DEATH REALITY, came on, the venue had cleared out quite a bit and I was nearing the point of staggering due to my usual alcohol abuse so my recollection of them is sort of fuzzy. *g* Judging from the crowd density it seemed the favourite band of the night was a draw between NECRA and HUMAN BLOODFEAST. There were some wild headbangers during those two bands ! Anyway, DEATH REALITY were pretty good despite the level of intoxication I had by that time. They played Death Metal (naturally) with some Grind elements, sounding similar to bands like CRYPTOPSY or DYING FETUS. These guys had an energetic stage presence with the members headbanging and the vocalist throwing up the horns to the remaining crowd. Overall they were pretty cool and Iīd like to have a chance to see them again, preferrably at the beginning of a show so I can actually remember more. *g* 

I was supposed to call my husband to come pick me up but the weather was so bad I figured I would just walk home. So clad in denim and leather, in snow and ice, I started on my way. It turned out to be a pain in the ass as every nut in Regensburg was out in full force and I got to meet a group of them on the way. Some scumbags were yelling "shit METALLICA" (because apparently they hated Metal and their feeble minds could only come up with the mainstream band name to use as part of their attempted insults), "fuck you" and various other stuff I didnīt hear clear enough. People like that are a waste of oxygen.

Anyway to sum it up, despite that crappy walk back home, this was a very fun night of drunkeness (so what else is new when you read my reports ??), headbanging, amusing conversations / people and very loud Death Metal ! Iīll be sure to be in attendence at the next "Put Them To Death" show. I only ask that next year there at least be a roll of toilet paper in the womenīs WC as that was mighty inconvenient.                 


ã of this review by www.metalgospel.org, a great metal site that unfortunately does not exist anymore!

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